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For Collaborative Professionals

CCWM Membership Facts
·How much does CCWM membership cost?

Annual CCWM Membership is $125.  Membership also requires membership in the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). For CCWM members, IACP membership is reduced.

An Associate Membership for professionals who have not yet satisfied the training requirements is available at an annual fee of $65. Special Membership includes all the benefits of general Membership at a special annual rate, but is available for only the first year.

  • ·Is membership on a calendar year basis?

Memberships are on a calendar year basis (January-December) regardless of when you join. However, the annual membership fee for new members joining after July 1st is discounted 50%, in other words, $62.50 instead of $125. (The Associate Member fee is not discounted for joining after July 1st.)

  • ·How do I join?

Please see the information by clicking on “How to Join” and “Categories of Membership” above. You can download the membership application by clicking on “Membership Application (pdf)” above.

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Your Member Profile

  • ·I’ve joined CCWM. What happens next?

You will be contacted by a member of the membership committee. He or shewill be available to answer any questions you may have, and also will make arrangements for you to receive your new member packet.

  • ·How do I keep informed of news and events related to CCWM?

You will be added to the CCWMmail and e-mail distribution lists.

  • ·I have qualified as a Participating Member, is there anything else I should do?

As soon as you have received notification from IACP that you are a member, you should go to the IACP website at to create your IACP Profile. Once you have completed all of the participating member requirements, your listing will be added to the CCWM website. Since your CCWM listing will include a link to your IACP Profile, it is very important that you create your IACP Profile as soon as possible.

  • ·My name doesn’t show up on the website listing. Why not?

Website listings are only available to Participating Members. If you joined as a Participating Member, you will be eligible to be listed on the website.