Educating the community to resolve conflicts peacefully through legal, financial and emotional support

Collaborative Practice Offers a Choice

Western Maryland attorneys, mental health professionals and financial specialists in collaborative practice can assist clients in finding creative solutions without going to court. If you’re facing divorce, a custody dispute, or are involved in any other legal problem, such as a civil or probate case, you can talk with a CCWMMember to decide whether utilizing Collaborative Practice is appropriate for you.

Collaborative Practice is a new way for people to resolve disputes respectfully, particularly in divorce and family law, but also in civil and probate matters. Unlike litigation, the Collaborative Process is private, cooperative and efficient. It helps to maintain dignity, reduce stress, and produce more satisfying results in client-directed solutions. Clients work to resolve their concerns outside of court with the help of a team of collaboratively trained attorneys and other professionals. Collaborative Professionals are located in Hagerstown, Frederick, and other Maryland cities.

People choose Collaborative Practice because it lets them be involved and have control over their case. They have the full support of their attorney and team in their negotiations. This helps them make well-informed and appropriate decisions and find solutions not possible in litigation. The Collaborative Process promotes creative ways to work things out, often in novel and comprehensive ways that Courts are not empowered to address. The end result is often a more satisfying resolution that, because of the sense of ownership over the outcome, parties are more likely to stay committed to into the future.

The process leads to better, long-lasting solutions and less conflict in the future. Why is this? The very nature of the process gives consideration to each person’s needs. Solutions are mutually created and based on full and open information sharing. A safe environment is created such that difficult conversations may occur with good result.

From the start, the team focuses on reaching mutually beneficial solutions. The power struggles, delay, expense, and wear and tear of a court battle are avoided. This saves significant time and promotes a better working relationship between the parties. People have the opportunity to feel that they have achieved a good result with dignity and self-respect.