Educating the community to resolve conflicts peacefully through legal, financial and emotional support

The Collaborative Team

Collaborative Practice offers the clients the opportunity to use specially trained professionals from different areas of expertise to help them solve their problems. The team is carefully selected to meet the needs of the particular clients and their specific matter. Selected use of specialists creates better results and avoids costly mistakes.

The clients work with the team to tailor carefully the scope and nature of the work and assure efficient use of clients’ time and funds. For example, professionals only attend meetings requiring their area of expertise.

The process typically includes various meetings at which the clients and professionals meet together to discuss the issues, make any necessary interim arrangements, and plan for information gathering. These conferences are scheduled to exchange and clarify information and to brainstorm possible options for resolution. The clients and the professionals focus on clarifying each client’s needs and interests and developing possible solutions based on the information each client has provided. The process allows crafting a settlement that meets the approval of all clients. Negotiations are based upon efforts to find options that serve the interests of all clients and other affected persons, and if applicable, create the possibility for a positive continuing relationship.