Collaborative Practice Offers a Choice

Western Maryland attorneys, mental health professionals and financial specialists in collaborative practice can assist clients in finding creative solutions without going to court. If you’re facing divorce, a custody dispute, or are involved in any other legal problem, such as a civil or probate case, you can talk with a CCWM Member to decide whether utilizing Collaborative Practice is appropriate for you.

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Educating the community to resolve conflicts peacefully through legal, financial and emotional support

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Collaborative Council of Western Maryland

FREDERICK, Md. — The Association of Collaborative Professionals of Frederick County and the Collaborative Council of Western Maryland Inc. of Washington County recently merged their collaborative practice groups. The groups have sought to educate the public and professionals about using the collaborative process to resolve disputes peacefully. Maryland recently passed  the Maryland Uniform Collaborative Law Act, which further supports the process to settle disputes without having to go to court.
The Collaborative Council of Western Maryland Inc. is a 501(c)3 taxexempt  organization. Its mission is to educate the community to help resolve conflicts peacefully. Joanie Raymond and Ron Sulchek will serve as copresidents through 2016.

There’s a better way to resolve disputes than going to court!

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There’s A Better Way to Solve Disputes

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